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Be Prepared, Be Safe, Be Secure!

Pentagon Properties, Inc. December 13, 2017 This past weekend a severe snow and ice storm hit Georgia and caused lots of damages to these two homes in our Carrollton property. Fortunately they were covered by insurance. We are concerned that many of our residents have not purchased insurance coverage for their homes. These residents could end up homeless in case of tragic events like fires, storms, etc. If your do not have insurance we strongly suggest that you do as soon as possible. It can be as low as $300-$350 a year – The equivalent of about $5 a week. Isn’t better to pay this small annual amount than to lose your family home in a matter of minutes? Please make sure you check the electrical connections and smoke alarms in your Manufactured Home, including replacing smoke detector batteries twice a year (EG – When we switch to or from day light savings time). Don’t allow candles to burn unattended or children to remain at home alone. PLEASE BE PREPARED, BE SAFE, BE SECURE!!!! THE MANAGEMENT                

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